The Legacy of Wisdom

"Dan found himself standing in front of the man whose piercing green eyes were the colour of rich, glistening emeralds. The man smiled and placed his arm on Dan’s shoulder. Dan felt a bolt of electricity shoot through him. He felt it transferring an infinite intangible wisdom. ‘Who are you?’ Dan asked. ‘I am Lord Melchizedek. The Masters of Destiny were all born into my order... Now you must be ready to take on the mantle. Your role will be the Redeemer, one of the most difficult that we can assign anyone.’'The Legacy of Wisdom is a thought-provoking, action-packed, mystical thriller, which seeks to answer key questions relating to human destiny and fulfilment. Who is with us in this vast area of the Universe and the Space beyond? Why are we here? What is our reason for being?

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Set in the present day but linking to the past, the story focuses on 39-year-old Anglo-American Dan Adams, a successful headteacher of a state school. He’s a fairly ordinary guy with an extraordinary destiny – to lead mankind to redemption. The Masters of Destiny have been present amongst the human race since the beginning of time. The first and eternal Master is Lord Melchizedek, a mystical and mysterious character who holds immense power and is the keeper of the eternal wisdom, imparted to mankind via the Board of Destiny, the mystical Book of Eternal Wisdom, and seven mysterious golden coins which form holograms of revelation and discovery.As he begins to discover the secrets from the mists of time, a group of some of the most powerful and influential international minds are working to take control and destroy Dan. He has to battle not only for his very existence but also for the future of the human race. Who will win the final battle? What is the destiny of mankind? What secret powers does man really have to unlock the mysteries of his existence and how will he discover them? Will the human race harness the gift of freewill for the good of the collective? All these questions are answered in this life-changing, mystical thriller.

The Legacy of Wisdom is available via Matador- and Amazon . It is also available via Kindle!